Lazy Gardener Tips

Actually my idea of cleaning my home is “sweeping the room with a glance” and honestly when it comes to gardening, I am of the same persuasion! So here my “best lazy gardener tips” that will help you, to have more time to enjoy a sunbath with a cool glass of something in your hand and to spend less time to break your back weeding.

Some Tips to How to Be A Lazy Gardener

Analyze Your Garden

Make a basic stock take which are the work intensive areas, which are less troublesome and which you are the ones you actually enjoy doing! Try now to convert the troublesome areas in less work intensive ones and increase the possibility of doing tasks you actually enjoy doing. For example, lets say you have a part of the garden with rose bushes, you enjoy the roses, but you don’t enjoy weeding between them (who does!). Two possibilities come to my mind, you can either cover the soil with gravel or with a tense, low growing plant, suppressing so the growth of weed and eliminating the need for weeding. Time saved for doing something more enjoyable!

Have a Plan

After having discovered the areas that are problematic, have a step-by-step plan to convert them in non-problematic ones. For example if you have decided to gravel under the rose bushes, consider of doing the same round the trees and shrubs. Try to combine lawn areas so that they are easier to mow. Set aside designated wildlife areas, they are good for the environment, provide you with hours of observing wildlife pleasure and — are set aside! No gardening allowed 😉


If you don’t want to do it, find somebody that does it! Local teenagers and people on the look out for a part time job will happily mow your lawn and prune your trees for a fee. Just make sure they know what they are doing before letting them loose on your garden. Outsourcing boring tasks allows you to feel free from guilt because your garden is -and looks!- maintained, hence not by you. And at the same time you feel good because you allow somebody to improve somebody’s income situation. Win-win for everybody.

Ignore What The Neighbors Say

Seriously, ignore them. In the worst of cases put up signs that read “This is not a well maintained garden, but 37 butterfly species live in it. How many do live in yours?” or similar. Liberating yourself from the pressure of “what would the neighbors say”, might actually free yourself to finally enjoy your garden again!
It is your garden and is meant to be for your enjoyment, but not for your enslavement! Reclaim your freedom and start to enjoy your garden daring to be a lazy gardener!

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