Flea Sprays, Collars, Bombs and Traps

Flea Sprays

Flea sprays can be a very cost effective flea treatment and preventative for small dogs and cats. However, when compared to the commercial spot-ons and oral flea preventatives available, flea sprays can become quite expensive when applied to larger dogs since the entire dog has to be sprayed. There are many flea sprays out there: indoor, outdoor, for your pet only, all natural, etc. Be sure you know what you’re buying and how to use it. In most instances, flea sprays contain potentially harmful chemicals. Misuse of them could lead to detrimental health problems for you, your family, and your pet. Of course, some flea sprays are safer and more reliable than others. Do your homework and make sure you know which ones are least likely to have a lot of complications.

Flea Collars

Flea collars are basically rubber or plastic collars that are impregnated with a flea repelling compound. They can be a very effective way to repel fleas, but flea collars are usually not very useful if your pet already has fleas. When using a flea collar, it is very important to make sure you are using the right size collar and that the collar is approved for the pet you are putting it on (i.e. dog vs. cat). Read the directions accompanying the flea collar very carefully to make sure you know how long it is effective and what the signs of toxicity are in case your pet has an adverse reaction to the flea collar. If you already have a flea problem, I would consult your veterinarian for a suitable flea elimination plan.

Flea Bombs

Flea bombs, in their simplest explanation, spread a cloud of insecticide throughout your house. Just as it sounds, are layering your house with a chemical that could potentially be hazardous to your pets and family. If you are choosing to use a flea bomb, it would probably be very wise to contact a professional pest exterminator to flea bomb your house for you. Be sure to find out what compounds they are using, how long your family should be out of the house before it’s safe to re-enter, and what the possible side effects of the chemicals are. Flea bombs are definitely not something you should use without doing your research.

Flea Traps

Flea traps sound like they could be a good alternative to flea bombs or other flea killers. However, it seems questionable as to whether or not a flea would chose to actually jump off of your pet and into the trap. If you are going to use a flea trap, keep in mind that most flea traps are designed to prevent a flea infestation or to deal with a very mild flea infestation. And they are going to take a while to fully get rid of your flea problem. If your flea infestation is severe, you make want to skip the flea trap and opt for a more heavy duty treatment. If you are going to use a flea trap, make sure you are choosing the right flea trap for you. Things to consider when purchasing a flea trap for your use are: sound, odor, how many fleas it can kill/hold, where it needs to be placed, warranties, how long one trap lasts, if refills available, if the sticky pad/poison/electrical pad is exposed, and if it is safe for children or pets if they come in contact with the trap.

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