Carrier for dogs – why you need it and how to choose

When to carry

If the hostess is used to taking her pet with her everywhere, then it is better (both for the lady and the dog, and for those around him) to carry it in a bag, and not in her hands. The brand Trixie King of Dogs Carrier will favorably emphasize the sophisticated style of the hostess, and the pet will feel comfortable and safe in a soft plush bag with a reliable zipper and mesh ventilation inserts. Choose a high anxiety dog crate.

An animal carried in crowded places will not pick up an infection and will not provoke an aggressive relative into a conflict. There are public places where animals are not allowed, but if the dog is in a carrier bag, then there are no restrictions. Carrying will also help during a long walk, after which the pet can get very tired. This is true for small dogs that do not differ in endurance.

Separately, you should talk about visiting medical institutions. A special bag will be required for paralyzed, injured and sick animals. But it is also better to bring a pet in a bag for vaccination in order to prevent contact with other dogs and not to endanger weakened health.

A carrier for the delivery of show dogs is indispensable so that the groomer’s efforts are not in vain. It is simply not possible to carry a dog on a bus, train or plane on hand – the rules of transportation require a muzzle for large breeds or a special container for the rest. Going on a trip, you need to find out the rules for transporting animals by plane or train and the requirements for carrying.

There are products that are designed to meet IATA (International Air Transport Association) requirements, such as the Ferplast Atlas 60 Classic carrier for medium sized dogs. Everything in it is thought out for ease of transportation – removable wheels, top and side handles, a strong door and a secure lock, side grilles for ventilation, a plastic feeder for water and food.

For shy dogs, a house convertible carrier such as the Trixie Nieka Carrier is a good option. It is a comfortable quilted product with a soft plush interior that can be used as a bag or as a bed. When traveling, the dog will feel at home. On walks, pets that are afraid of the surrounding animals and people can be released to run for a while, but mostly they should be kept in a bag.

No need to borrow someone else’s carrier – the smell of the previous dog can be heard even after washing and will cause discomfort to your pet. If, nevertheless, such a thing had to be taken, then it must be treated from parasites, washed and thoroughly rinsed several times, dried outside in the sun. A familiar scent can be brought in by spreading the cloth on which the pet slept or by placing favorite toys.

How to choose a dog carrier

When choosing a carrier, you must be guided by the purposes for which it will be needed. If the dog has to sit in the container for a long time when moving long distances, then you need to take care of the maximum comfort. First and foremost, you need enough living space. The pet should be comfortable sitting, lying, standing, and stretching. Good ventilation and adequate visibility, strong locks, a waterproof bottom, and a warm mat are also essential. The Zoom Zoom Zoo Stripes are ideal for travel by train and car – they are roomy, well protect animals from drafts.

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