Best Flea Treatment For Dogs

If you own a dog, then you know the number one pest for both you and your dog, is fleas. Not only will they bite your dog, causing intense scratching, or even infection, but they can also bite you. So what is the best dog flea treatments on the market today?
Best of anything is highly subjective, of course. What works for some may not work for others. Plus you have to take into account that fleas do become resistant to treatment. However there are a lot of products for flea control for dogs. The best flea control for dogs is to treat your dog, house, and yard for fleas. We will be discussing the top dog flea treatments and how they work.
Comfortis is a chewable beef-flavored tablet given every 30 days as a flea treatment for dogs, and also to prevent new fleas. The medication in Comfortis will begin working within 30 minutes, and works by killing the fleas as they bite the dog, and will continue to kill biting fleas for up to 30 days. You must give it with food, and the dog may vomit if you don\’t give enough food with the medicine. Comfortis costs about 16 dollars for a large dog, and 8 dollars for a small dog. It can not be given before the dog four months old.
Capstar is an oral capsule, or tablet that is a flea treatment for dogs. Your dog must be at least four weeks of age, and two pounds. It begins working within 30 minutes, and kills all fleas on the dog. Capstar will not prevent further flea outbreaks, and is short acting. To prevent further infestations you must treat your home and yard for fleas as well.
Sentinel is a prescription only medication that prevents the development of flea eggs on your dog. It is also to guard against heartworm, roundworm, and hookworms. It is taken once a month, and is in tablet form.
Frontline Plus is a once a month topical insecticide, that you apply directly to the skin of the dog. It kills all fleas and larvae on your dog, within 18 hours of application. It is especially useful for dogs who go in the water a lot, as it is waterproof. Some temporary irritation may exist, however, if the irritation continues to consult your vet right away. It will also protect your dog from ticks, as well as killing any ticks your dog may already have on them.
The advantage is another topical once a month insecticide, applied directly to the skin. It offers 30 days of protection from fleas, but will not protect against ticks. The dog must be seven weeks or older, to use Advantage. Advantage will start killing fleas in an hour, and completely kills them within 12 hours. The advantage is considered to be one of the gentlest flea dog treatments on the market.

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