AKG P170

The AKG 170 small-diaphragm condenser hi hat microphone is a highly affordable hi-hat mic option.

It includes a 20dB pad and has incredibly clear and accurate sound. Its cardioid polar pattern makes it ideal for recording hi-hats, without picking up the sound from the other drums and cymbals around the kit.

It’s pretty small and lightweight, making it easy to position around the hi-hat. It’s also easy to use, since you won’t need to worry about filtering audio too much.

It’s good for both studio and live performance use, making it a really versatile hi-hat microphone option.

It will need a phantom power source, so make sure you have that before getting this microphone.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable
  • Not sensitive to feedback
  • Needs a phantom power source

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